Vacant Property Services

Vacant, void and empty properties can become vulnerable to neglect, vadilism, damage, squatters and other unwated issues. It is important to protect your asset (property) if it is vacant for a lengthy period, you may also want your property to be cleaned, property repairs to be made, rubbish removed and any building work carried out. We work in partnership with Vacant Property Services who are the specialists in empty property services, property boarding, property securing, property clearance, rubbish removals, property cleaning, property repairs and more.

Vacant Property Services provide high quality, cost effective and reliable void property services in Manchester, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and across the North West.  Whether you require a property repairs due to an old tenant leaving damage, a property cleaning or a property securing, Vacant Property Services can help. If you are looking for any type of Vacant Property Service in Manchester, Lancashire or across the North West, simply visit:

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